South Staffordshire Environmental Pest Control

Welcome to South Staffordshire Environmental.


We are a family run company offering a variety of pest control services to both domestic and commercial clients across the South Staffs area.

These services include pest and vermin control, bird and insect control, mole trapping and proofing services which are available 24/7.


Domestic Pest Control


Let's face it: no-one wants to have pest problems in their home, but we are uniquely placed to provide solutions and advice if this happens. We appreciate the stress that such an event may cause, and no job is too small or too big and we will work closely with you to ensure that your pest problem is eradicated. Whether it's rats in your loft, a wasp nest in your shed or moles in your lawn; we can deal with it swiftly, safely and discreetly.

Once the pest is removed we may also be able to provide a proofing service or additional services to help prevent a recurrance.


Commercial Pest Control


Whether it's a corner shop, a restaurant, warehouses or a factory we use our extensive knowledge and expertise to provide you with tailored solutions. We understand the impact that pests can cause- not only to the fabric of your property but also in terms of reputation and legal implications. We can remove your problem pests quickly and discreetly; whether you require a one off service or are looking to source an ongoing pest management plan.


Contact us now on 01785 532011 or 01902 249016


Our Values


We are committed to humane pest control and the protection of non target species and our environment, we are also proud supporters of the CRRU UK.